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Advanced Leadership Certification - COMING IN 2024!

November 6, 2022

New in 2024! 

The intent of this 18-month Leadership Program is to develop a company’s emerging leaders. This important and overlooked group is a company’s future – the key to leadership succession and long-term success. This comprehensive program includes EQ- i 2.0 Leadership Pre/Post Assessment to highlight transformation degree, goal setting to focus annual development, and a Leadership Development Model (LDM) to structure the theory and application in which each module builds into the next. The program offers a turnkey solution to leadership training by answering the “what and how” to coach & train, leveraging the experience and insight of our professional coaches. The result is a developed self-reliant leader, capable of providing long-term value to the company – a result of a highly supported and focused journey.

  • 300+ hours of coaching & e-learning
  • 3 improvement projects
  • 10+ Coaching sessions for staff through student (10-15 hours of coaching)
  • 2-3 facilitated workshops through student (10-15 hours of facilitation)
  • Completed departmental strategy map for deployment post training led by the student
  • Exposure of the leader's direct staff to new learnings through application exercises
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