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Our goal was to disrupt leadership development – and we are accomplishing that very task. Our company understands and has deployed within our organization the best practices utilized across the leadership development industry. We have developed a comprehensive Leadership Development Model (LDM) that provides us the Global Standard to develop leaders from, and, through our certified coaching network, can match cultural, organization, industry, and multi-level leadership needs – maximizing client value.
We are Result-Driven & Provide Immediate Return-on-Investment
We measure the development of the individual based on achieved business results
We provide practical, relevant content and post-program access to our coaches to follow-up on implementation and ensure sustainment
Our courses and programs incorporate projects (demonstrated application) where business problems (collaborative selection between individual, coach, and company) are improved
We Create Connections
We provide a learning environment that includes highly motivated participants
Our programs allow community learning & problem solving across industry, experience level and geographic location
Our learning communities offer support now and into the future
We Utilize Dynamic Instructional Methods
We achieve a balance of theory and application
Our coaches are evaluated and certified in education, experience, and material knowledge ensuring a great learning experience and maximum value
Our course and program coaches bring a balance of training, mentoring, and coaching to the learning experience
We Develop With Long-Term Sustainability in Mind
Our courses are delivered over a period of time that allows (and requires) participants to demonstrate their capability in application as well as theory
Our courses and programs focus on the how and why (philosophical) aspects of leadership, supporting meaningful behavioral change
Our program supports continued development over the life-cycle of the leaders
We Provide Systematic & Structured Learning
Our courses and programs are developed around our Leadership Development Model and are constantly evolving to keep current in today’s ever-changing world
We provide pre/post assessments on the students for tailored and focused learning and measurement of application
In addition to the core model, our courses build on each other, allowing leaders to develop in the areas that will maximize value realization
We Focus on the Individual
We offer 1-on-1 courses to cohort-based delivery
We are responsive, as we optimize programs during delivery to ensure alignment with learning objectives
We achieve results bringing educational and experiential accreditation to the individual’s career accomplishments

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