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Bastiaan Brouwer

Managing Director – SPARK Innovation Catalysts

Coaching description

Bastiaan has a background in engineering and finance with over 10 years of international experience in consultancy.

He is an excellent conceptual thinker able to quickly analyze, structure and present complex business challenges in a comprehendible manner, engaging people to take the first step. He is also a bridge builder, benefitting from his international and multi sector business experience, it comes naturally to make people understand each other, making relations more effective.

Bastiaan gives a lot of feedback, using the exact moment to guide the right way. He is clear in what he expects from people and creates small loops of positive and negative feedback, building strong relationships and self-sufficient teams. Stimulating and action orientated, he knows to create enthusiasm and energy to bring Lean into practice and learn from it, time after time.

As a Lean Black Belt he is action oriented, having people try their ideas. “I believe that experimenting creates expertise, putting your ideas into practice. It also creates speed in improvement and innovation, unifying people with the new acquired knowledge and trust.

Program Instructor
Individual Courses Supported:
  • Developing Lean Leadership
  • Lean Practitioner - L2
  • Lean Introduction - L1
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