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Creating a Leadership Mindset

Influence, motivate, and lead

Certification: Individual Program, Leadership Certification, Advanced Leadership Certification
Languages: English

About the course

The course is centered around The Four Mindsets: How to Influence, Motivate, and Lead High Performance Teams. The course teaches the key to significantly increase productivity, performance, and revenue in your organization by better leading people through increased connection, focus, alignment, and activation in their teams.

With changing management, motivations and mindsets over the last 25 years, leaders are being challenged with the task of keeping their teams engaged while meeting more stringent goals than ever before. This course will equip you with the skills you need to take your teams performance to the next level and considers hot topics in today's business environment, such as emotional intelligence, whole brain thinking, and what makes professionals tick, in a format applicable to all levels of management and leadership. The learnings will update you on what matters most today, and the most common strategies and techniques used by high performing companies, leaders, and managers globally.

You will learn
  • Gain insight on the differing mindsets a leader should have
  • Understand the emotional mindset and how to use emotions
  • Learn how to trigger connection, understanding, and care within your team
  • Instill confidence, learning, and growth within the team
  • Bring focus, accountability, and achievement to your team
Who should attend

Leaders seeking to understand the philosophy and mindsets required to lead high performing teams.

Personal benefits
  • Be more aware of emotional intelligence and its impact on your leadership effectiveness
  • Increased ability to build trust with peers, leadership, and employees
  • Better ability to connect with people
  • Be better at instilling confidence in your employees
  • Improved relationships with employees
  • Strengthened confidence and motivation to lead
Organizational benefits
  • Increase the presence of emotional intelligence
  • Create environments where leader know people and how they tick
  • Build high performance teams and leaders
  • Create a heightened degree of confidence, capability, and potential in the company
  • Improve leadership presence
  • Build a culture of increased engagement and performance
  • 14 hours of theory and application-based coaching
  • 2 hours of post-course coach support
  • Book: The Four Mindsets – How to Influence and Motivate High Performance Teams
  • Learning supplements
  • LMS access for 1 year
Session Leader
Not Available
Session Date / Time
Delivery Options
  • Option 1: Non-scheduled cohort learning
  • Option 2: Scheduled session dates
Course Content
  • What is leadership and what is your style
  • How does it impact and influence teams
  • Learn how to become a role model
  • Learn about emotional intelligence and its influence on building trust
  • Understand Learned IntuitionTM
  • Learn how to connect personally and professionally
  • Experience the art of having a challenging conversation and its benefits
  • Develop the skill of instilling confidence in people
  • Learn the art of training, coaching, and mentoring (varying styles within)
  • Understand the importance of focus and accountability
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