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Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt

Become a leader of improvement initiatives

Certification: Individual Program, Leadership Certification
Languages: English

About the course

Lean Six Sigma is a collaborative management approach for defect reduction, process improvement and problem solving using a collective toolkit comprised of Lean tools for ‘waste’ reduction and Six Sigma’s DMAIC phases. Lean Six Sigma nurtures your leadership ability and is a seamless complement to the Developing Leaders at All Levels course. If you want to enhance your quality management career in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology or service industries, Lean Six Sigma is a step in the right direction. The ability to add Lean Six Sigma Certification to your resume proves your commitment to improving your business acumen and analytical skills, as well as improving the business where you work.

Many organizations implement Lean Six Sigma programs because it is one of the most proven methods to reduce defects and improve quality of services and products.

Inclusive of the Yellow Belt content, this course overview focusses on the core to advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma for those who will run projects.

You will learn
  • Overview of Six Sigma methodology
  • Basic concepts, principles, and objectives of Six Sigma
  • How to assist with change management within an organization
  • How to participate on local problem-solving teams and support projects
  • Introduction to waste identification in processes
  • How to understand and map processes
  • Foundations of process capability
  • How to identify a change in the process through data
  • How to make predictions on process performance
  • The importance and intent of hypothesis testing (experimentation)
Who should attend

Leaders or employees of an organization who want to be trained on the Six Sigma improvement methodology and will lead a process improvement team as part of their permanent position.

Personal benefits
  • Improved relationships with employees
  • Strengthened confidence and motivation to lead
  • Increased readiness to lead initiatives
  • Be more engaged in company objectives
  • Greater success rate in addressing problems
  • Improved readiness to address problems and support projects
Organizational benefits
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve quality awareness
  • Develop capability to tackle issues and problems
  • Implement projects needed to move the company forward
  • Empower leaders and teams to drive change
  • Increase profitability
  • 68 hours of theory and application-based coaching
  • 3 hours of post-course coach support
  • Certification exam
  • Live coach support on coaching examples
  • Learning supplements
  • LMS access for 1 year
Session Leader
Not Available
Session Date / Time
Delivery Options
  • Option 1: Non-scheduled cohort learning
  • Option 2: Scheduled session dates
Course Content
  • Fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Statistics
  • Process Capability
  • Introduction to Lean Enterprise
  • Understand Process Definition
  • The importance of Lean controls
  • Understand patterns of variation
  • Introduction to inferential statistics
  • Use and applications of Statistical Process Control
  • Hypothesis testing
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