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Toyota Business Practice (TBP)

Where problem solving methodology meets mindset [SELF-FUNDING]

Certification: Individual Program, Leadership Certification, Advanced Leadership Certification
Languages: English

About the course

Problem solving is a core skill of every leader. More than an 8-step methodology, TBP introduces a set of values that are understood, applied, and supported through structured steps. This course is a complement to the Developing Leaders at All Levels program with its advanced understanding of theory and application. Employee development in the TBP approach is equally important in creating a problem-solving culture and building an engaged workforce.

Problem solving should be practiced and supported at every level of the organization. This program realizes maximum benefit when applied company-wide where a repeatable and standard process is followed no matter the complexity or breadth of the problem being addressed.

You will learn
  • How to apply TBP through a new lens created by applying values
  • Lean Principles & Values including; Customers First, Always confirm the Purpose of your work, Ownership and Responsibility, Visualization, Judgement based on Facts, Think and Act Persistently, Follow each process with Sincerity and Commitment, Thorough, Communication, and Involve all Stakeholders
  • The proper mindset and its positive impact on the problem solving
  • How to apply this methodology to a problem in your business or situation
  • How to engage others in the problem-solving process
Who should attend

Any manager or leader looking to improve their problem-solving capacity to make long-term sustainable changes.

Personal benefits
  • Tackle those problems that are impacting your department, division and job
  • Learn how to engage people in the problem solving process
  • Ready the mind to problem solve
  • Obtain the wins that keep the business moving
  • Gain credibility with your staff when solving issues
  • Learn the importance of slowing your mind
Organizational benefits
  • Have leaders ready to tackle issues and problems
  • Implement projects needed to move the company forward
  • Use the process to train and engage the workforce
  • Empower leaders and teams to drive change
  • Increase morale through change
  • Course will be self-funded via the required project completion
  • Option 1: 14 hours of coach-supported theory and application-based coaching (1:1 delivery)
  • Option 2 & 3: 20 hours of coach-supported theory and application-based coaching (cohort delivery)
  • 4 hours of post-course coach support on problem completion
  • Learning supplements
  • LMS access for 1 year
Session Leader
Not Available
Delivery Options
  • Option 1: 1-on-1 coaching
  • Option 2: Non-scheduled cohort learning
  • Option 3: Scheduled session dates
Course Content
  • How to clarify the problem
  • The steps in breaking down the problem
  • Establish and set targets
  • Root cause analysis to drive past the symptoms
  • How to develop countermeasures (solutions)
  • See countermeasures through (implementation)
  • Ways to monitor the process and results
  • Methods to standardize successful process changes
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